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Why is Water Conservation Important for Homes With Septic Systems?

Posted by ADB Septic on June 25, 2019

water conservationTaking care of your septic system is important to lengthen its lifespan and keep it in proper working order. One tip that many experts give to help maintain the health of your septic system is to conserve water in your home. Although you do not need to take drastic steps to reduce your water usage, every little bit helps. Read below for a breakdown of the connection between water conservation and your septic system.

Drain Field Lifespan

Water conservation can help improve the lifespan of your drain field. When you practice water conservation techniques in your home, the loads of water traveling to your drain field will be smaller. For this reason, your drain field will easily be able to receive, treat, and release the water that it receives without straining the system. The less work you put on your drain field, the longer it will last.

Overworking Your System

One of the reasons that conserving water in your home is so important is that failing to do so can lead to an overworked septic system. You shouldn’t have to use drastic conservation methods to keep your septic system healthy, but overloading your system with too much water will exhaust your system. When your system becomes overworked, it cannot function properly. Your drain field can become flooded, your pipes can get backed up, and your system can be damaged. To avoid overworking your system, keep an eye on water usage in your home.

Full Tanks and Older Systems

Water conservation is especially important for septic systems in sensitive states. If your septic tank is nearing full, excess water traveling to the tank can lead to sewage seeping out into your drain field or back up your pipes into your home. If you have an older septic system, water conservation is a great way to avoid overworking the system and causing damage to a more fragile system. To avoid unexpected problems in more sensitive septic systems, do your best to conserve water in your home.

Tips for Conserving Water

Conserving water in your home doesn’t have to be a difficult task. Taking small steps here and there, such as fixing leaky faucets and turning the water off when brushing your teeth, can make a big difference. Consider taking other steps such as avoiding running half-full loads of laundry and using water efficient fixtures. For a more complete list of tips for conserving water in your home, click here. If you’re looking for ways to keep your septic system healthy, take steps to conserve water in your home.


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