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Why is My Septic Tank Making Noises?

Posted by ADB Septic on July 16, 2019

strange noiseWhen your septic tank is functioning properly, it should not make any noise. The one exception to this rule is a tank with an air pump, which makes a faint humming noise. However, if you do not have an aerobic septic system, or you have one but are hearing noises other than this faint humming noise, it’s the sign of a problem. Noises coming from your pipes could be a plumbing issue, but if you’re hearing running water, trickling, or gurgling noises coming from your septic tank, you have an issue with the tank itself. We’ve compiled a list of some of the top causes of these noises to help you fix the problem.

A Crack or Hole in Your Tank

If your tank is made of concrete, it is possible for the tank to crack. Steel tanks can also suffer from rust damage. Even plastic and fiberglass tanks can experience leaks. If your tank has a small crack or hole, it can cause a leak. When this issue occurs, groundwater can leak into your tank. This leakage is especially likely after a storm or time or high rainfall. When groundwater leaks into your septic tank, you will hear a trickling noise coming from your septic tank. If you hear this noise, you might need to repair a crack or hole in your tank.

Improper Damage

If your drain field is not draining properly, it could lead to strange noises coming from your septic tank. If your drain field has waste buildup because of a storm or an overly full tank, your drain field can become clogged. Compacted soil or failure to divert your drains and runoff away from your drain field can also lead to a clogged drain field. When the soil in your drain field is clogged, wastewater can flow back into your septic tank because it has nowhere to go. When wastewater flows back into your tank, you can hear strange gurgling sounds or running water coming from your tank. For this reason, it’s important to check the health of your drain field if strange noises are coming from your septic tank.

Your Septic Pump is Off

Not every septic tank has a pump, as conventional systems use gravity to carry wastewater into your drain field. However, if your drain field is uphill from your tank because of your property’s layout, then your septic tank will have a pump to carry the water into the drain field. If your pump breaks or is turned off, gravity will carry the wastewater back into your septic tank. This result of this issue will be strange noises coming from your septic tank, such as running water or a gurgling noise. If you know that your septic tank has a pump and you’re hearing strange noises, make sure your septic tank is in proper working order.


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