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Why is My Kitchen Sink Clogged?

Posted by ADB Septic on August 7, 2018

kitchen sink clogHas your kitchen sink been draining slowly? Have you been hearing weird gurgling noises and watching the water take a long time to go down? If you’re experiencing these issues, your pipes are probably clogged. If you’ve tried the easy tricks to clear out your sink, like pouring boiling water down the drain or manually pulling out a clog, and they haven’t worked, you’re probably dealing with a more severe clog. Here’s everything you need to know.


Reasons for a Clogged Kitchen Sink

The biggest reason for a clogged kitchen sink is the buildup of foreign objects. Often times, food that goes down the drain accidentally can stick to the sides of your pipes. Over time, these food scraps will catch other food scraps and they can build up into a big clog. Grease on your pans from cooking can also lead to clogs. If you pour the grease down the sink, or you’re cleaning a pan in the sink with some grease still in it, the grease will end up in your pipes. Once it cools, it will harden, leading to clogs that can eventually block your pipes completely. Beyond foreign objects, clogs in your kitchen sink can also be the result of damage to your pipes. If this is the case, you’ll probably notice accompanying symptoms such as leaks elsewhere in your home.

What You Can Do

If your kitchen sink is clogged and the easy tricks haven’t worked, it’s probably time to call in the professionals. When you hire a professional drain cleaner, they will either power snake or hydro jet your drain. Power snaking involves pushing through clogs to make room for water to pass through, and is typically used on older pipes. Hydro jetting is more powerful than power snaking, and uses a high-pressure stream of water to blast any clogs out of your pipes and completely strip the walls. When you hire a professional drain cleaner, you can be sure that they’ll find the clog and handle it appropriately.

If the cause of your clogging is damage to your pipes rather than a physical clog, you might need professional pipe repair. When you call in a plumber or professional drain cleaning company, they will identify any leaks in your pipes and find the source of the problem. Once they locate the damage, they will be able to fix any leaks and repair the damage to get your drain back in working order.

Preventing Future Clogs

One of the best things you can do to prevent clogs in your kitchen sink is to install a food catcher to prevent scraps of food from going down the drain. You should also dump excess food from pans and plates in the trash or compost pile before washing dishes in the sink. Avoid pouring grease down your sink, and always empty grease from pots and pans before you wash them. When you’re done doing the dishes, always clear your sink of any food scraps or residual grease. If you take these steps to avoid allowing foreign substances to go down the drain, you will significantly decrease the likelihood of a clogged kitchen sink.


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