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Why Does My Yard Smell Like Sewage?

Posted by ADB Septic on May 12, 2017

Having a yard enhances the home with beautiful green grass, flowers and a creative walkway. However, those features can quickly be overlooked when your yard constantly smells like sewage. You may keep your yard clean and perform weekly maintenance but that potent smell won't go away. This can be a sign of issues with your septic system, which is a strong warning that repairs are needed or the septic tank needs to be replaced. This post provides insights to why your yard may smell like sewage and what you can do to get rid of the awful smell. 

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Clogged Drain Field

Your septic tank functions with the ability to separate the solids and liquids inside the system. The solids sink, and a field of drain lines siphon off the liquid and return it to the ground near your home so the tank will not fill up. Sometimes, either because of freezing temperatures or because the solids have caused a blockage, the drain field can become clogged, and the liquid cannot escape from the main tank as intended. If this happens, the tank can fill up and overflow, causing the sewage odor to come up through the ground (Source).

This clog can cause your yard to smell like sewage but there also other signs that confirm a clog is the main issue. If your drain field is clogged you might also see wet spots on your lawn like puddles or even sewage floating nearby as well. Additionally, slow running drains are also another sign and a good indicator it’s time to contact a professional septic company to undergo a septic system inspection and analysis.

Leaking Sewer Pipes

The pipes are the connecting factor from your home’s water features to your septic tank and are typically buried underground. Although these pipes rarely get damaged, a leak can still occur causing that sewage to leak and rise up from where the pipe and damage is located. This leaves sewage in your home or yard and a terrible smell to go with it. Sewage should be handled by the professionals and not handled directly as untreated sewage is a health hazard and can cause many diseases. 

To prevent health and safety risks, be sure to clean any water damage or waste that can result from a septic tank emergency. If waste has backed up into your home, clean up the mess as soon as possible. Disinfect floors and other affected surfaces with the right cleaning solution to avoid health issues. If you are not sure how or don’t have the needed tools to clean the waste on your own, it’s important to hire a professional septic company.

Overflowing Septic Tank

As the septic tank is used, waste continues to collect in the bottom of the septic tank. Ultimately, a tank that has been properly designed and installed will have enough space for around three to five years of safe accumulation of waste. When the sewage level increases beyond this point, the waste has less time to settle properly before leaving the tank. To prevent this, the tank must be pumped out periodically and can depend on the size of your septic tanks and number of occupants in your home. Check out a table that shows a recommended septic tank pumping frequency according to septic tank capacity and household size in our blog “What Do I Need To Know About My Home’s Septic Tank?

Improper Ventilation System

If your yard smells like sewage this can be simply due to a lack of or an improperly placed ventilation system for your septic. Usually the septic tank and any vents are placed in an area, such as your roof, out of the way of outdoor activities. However, not all installers have the knowledge and professionalism to put the ventilation downwind from your home. Be sure when the system is installed or being replaced to talk to your septic company about the ventilation system and be sure you won’t be breathing in the sewage gas.

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ADB Construction and Septic has experience installing the most complex septic systems, whether residential or commercial. We can see the project through from test holes to design to installation. ADB Septic can help larger commercial properties with their CT D.E.E.P Registration, repairs and monitoring, as well as comprehensive septic tank cleaning services.

Our business is committed to meeting your needs and completing your job with the utmost professionalism and precision. We put your satisfaction, safety, and comfort at the forefront of our priority list. When you hire us, you can achieve complete peace of mind.

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