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Why Are My Drains Releasing an Odor?

Posted by ADB Septic on July 23, 2019

If you have strange odors coming from your sinks or bathtub drains, you might just think that they’re a little bit dirty. However, if running water down the drain doesn’t help, the odor might be a symptom of a bigger problem. Typically when you notice odors coming from your drain that running water doesn’t solve, you’re dealing with a clog that has been building up in your pipes for a while. We’ve compiled the information you need to know about odor-causing clogs and what to do about them.drain cleaning


Over time, hair or old food can build up in your pipes. If something catches the pipe, each time debris passes through the pipe, a little more will build up, leading to a bigger clog that grows over time. When these clogs consist of something like hair or food, they will decay over time. The result of this decay is a bad odor that can seep out of your drain and into your home. If you’re noticing this odor coming from multiple drains, the clog is probably deeper in your plumbing, connecting to multiple drains.

Dry Pipes

If clogs become severe enough to block water from getting through, they can cause odors regardless of what they’re made of. When a clog blocks water in a pipe, the pipe can dry out. The result of this dryness is that there is no moisture to soak up smells caused by waste. Because these smells will not be soaked up, they will instead be released into your home. If you’re noticing the odors coming from multiple drains in your home, you probably have a deep clog. If the clog is blocking multiple pipes, these pipes can all become dry, leading to odors coming form multiple drains

What Can You Do?

If you’re having issues with odors caused by clogs, the best solution is to get your drain cleaned. For smaller clogs, power snaking can help clear out the pipes quickly and effectively. For more severe clogs, high pressure water jetting will be the best solution. With this tool, a high-pressure stream of water will blast through the pipes, completely stripping the walls of the pipes and clearing out all clogs. This stream of water is powerful enough to even blast out tree roots, so you can be sure it’ll clear out your clog.


If you’re dealing with a smelly clog, chances are you won’t want to deal with one again. For this reason, you should do your best to follow any preventative measures. Install stoppers in your drains, such as hair catchers in your bathroom and a food catcher in your kitchen sink. You should also run hot water down your drain for a bit after use. However, the best thing you can do to avoid smelly clogs is to address them before they reach a point of severity. Addressing problems early is the best thing you can do for maintenance.


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