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What to Expect When Your Septic Tank is Being Pumped

Posted by ADB Septic on June 13, 2019

septic tank pumpingPumping your septic tank is the most important part of septic system maintenance. Your tank needs to be pumped regularly, typically every three years, to ensure your system can properly dispose of waste and treat wastewater. If you’re new to owning a septic system, you might not know what to expect during your first septic tank pumping. We’ve broken down the steps to a septic tank pumping to help you understand the process and be prepared.

Step One: Finding the Access Lids

The first step of a septic tank pumping is locating the access lids. Your technician will find your tank’s access lids and dig them up in order to gain access to your tank. Typically, these lids are about 6-12 inches below the earth’s surface. Once the access lids are exposed, he or she will open them to prepare for maintenance.

Step Two: Checking Liquid Levels

Before pumping can begin, your technician will note the liquid level of your septic tank in relation to the tank’s outlet pipe. If the liquid level is below the outlet pipe, it could indicate a tank leak. If it’s far above the outlet pipe, it can indicate a problem with the pipe to the drain field or with the drain field itself. Once the liquid levels have been checked, your technician can begin pumping the tank.

Step Three: Using the Hose

Once the tank is ready to be pumped, your technician will lower the vacuum hose into the tank manholes. The hose will be attached to a strong pump on the technician’s truck. He will then turn the hose on and it will suck the solids and liquids out of the tank and into the truck.

Step Four: Monitoring the Outlet Pipe

While pumping out your tank, the technician will monitor its outlet pipe. He will be watching for any backflow out of the pipe, which can indicate a problem. If there is significant backflow, it can indicate a drain field system backup. If there is a small amount of backflow, there might be a sag in the pipe to the drain field. Ideally, there will not be backflow during the pumping process.

Step Five: Cleaning Out the Tank

After the hose has pumped out most of the tank, your technician will use a tool called a septage spoon and a process called backflushing. This process will help loosen the sludge in the corners of the tank in order to remove it. The technician will then spray the walls of the tank with clean water to ensure that the whole tank is clean and all sludge has been removed.

Step Six: Inspecting the Tank

After the tank has been cleaned out, your technician will inspect your tank to make sure there are no problems. He will look for structural damage such as an open weep hole, leaking midseam, damaged baffles, or cracks. If he finds signs of a problem with your tank, he will notify you and make recommendations for repair.

Step Seven: Closing the Lids

Once the tank has been pumped and inspected, your technician will close the lids of the tank. After they have been closed, he will cover them back up and rebury them with soil. Typically, lids are about 6-12 inches below the earth’s surface. If the lids are lower, your technician will recommend installing risers to ensure easier access for future maintenance. Once the lids have been closed and recovered, the septic tank pumping process is complete.


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