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What is a Lift Station?

Posted by ADB Septic on March 13, 2019

Depositphotos_17371233_l-2015-minIf you have a septic system, it might have a component called a lift station. As the name implies, lift stations are designed to lift wastewater to higher elevations. However, not ever septic system needs a lift station. If your septic system includes a lift station and you’d like to learn more about it, we’ve broken down everything you need to know.


What are Lift Stations For?

A septic system will include a lift station when the makeup of your property means that your septic tank needs to be located below the drain field. This placement can be because of the makeup of your soil or the layout of your property. When your septic tank is below the drain field, wastewater will need to be lifted up to the drain field, since gravity will not do the job. A lift station is responsible for moving wastewater up to a higher elevation.

How Do Lift Stations Work?

Lift stations use a variety of components to receive wastewater and carry it up into the septic tank. They operate with three main components:

Transfer Pump

The transfer pump, otherwise known as the submersible pump, is located in the septic tank. It pumps water out of the tank when the water level rises to a certain point, as it will not naturally leave the tank on its own. Inside the pump, a rotating impeller moves water through the pipes to the distribution box. The pump must be sized according to the vertical pumping distance and size of the pipes.

Distribution Box

The distribution box, or the D-box, is located at the highest point of the drain field. It has an inlet pipe from the tank and an outlet pipe to each branch of the drain field. Usually, the D-box is a concrete box with a concrete cover that is buried beneath the surface of the ground.


The piping in the system connects the septic tank to the distribution box. Usually these pipes are a 3 or 4 inch PVC. Older systems might be made of cast iron or clay. The pipes are buried and can clog like the plumbing in your house, making maintenance such as pumping and drain cleaning essential to their functioning.


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