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What are the Side Effects of a Clogged Drain?

Posted by ADB Septic on January 11, 2018

Depositphotos_20120845_original-min.jpgA clogged drain can be a serious problem. Often times, people choose to ignore clogged drains, hoping that they will clear out on their own. However, ignoring a clog often leads to it becoming severe and even blocking the drain completely. A clogged drain can be inconvenient, but many people do not realize all of the different issues that can a clogged drain can lead to in your home. Here are some of the side effects of a clogged drain.

Poor Drainage

The most obvious effect of a clogged drain is poor drainage. When your drain is clogged, water will have a difficult time passing through the time, causing drainage to be slower than usual. Often times, more severe clogs will even cause water to travel back up your drain and bubble up.

Dirty Water

Clogs can often become a breeding ground for bacteria. Food and waste can also get caught in bigger clogs. These issues can often lead to dirty water that poses a serious health risk for you and members of your home. The longer a clog is left alone, the better the chances are that your water will become unhealthy to consume.

Bad Odors

When clogs are big enough to block water from getting through, your pipes will often dry out. When there is no moisture to soak up smells caused by waste, bad odors will be released into your home. When a clog blocks water from getting through, stagnant water can lead to bad odors as well. Additionally, when the clog itself starts to trap food and other waste, these materials will also cause odor that can seep into your home.

Health Risks

In addition to health risks associated with dirty water, clogged drains can pose other risks to members of your home. Those with airborne allergies and asthma can experience irritation because of clogs, especially when they are accompanied by odor. When water is contaminated with bits of the clog, it can also irritate the skin. These issues typically only occur in severe clogs, but can be very problematic when they do occur.


When clogs block your pipes, the water that is blocked needs to go somewhere. Often times, the result is a leak in your pipes. Diverted water rushing through leaks will not only damage your pipes, but it can also leak into walls and floors, causing water stains or warping. In extreme cases, it could even lead to flooding. Leaking water can also lead to mold and mildew and, in warmer settings, it can attract bugs. In order to prevent leaks in your plumbing, it’s important to clear your pipes as soon as you notice an issue.


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