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What Are the Most Common Septic System Mistakes Homeowners Make?

Posted by ADB Septic on July 9, 2019

mistakeIf your home has a septic system, it’s an essential part of your household, responsible for disposing of waste and treating groundwater to avoid contamination. Because your septic system is so important, most homeowners know that proper maintenance is important. However, if you’re not well informed about your septic system, you might be making maintenance mistakes that can be costly in the future. We’ve compiled a list of the top mistakes that homeowners with septic systems make to help you avoid any future problems.


Flushing Non-Flushable Items

Anything other than toilet paper and waste should not be flushed down your toilet. Items such as tampons, sanitary napkins, disposable diapers, and baby wipes are often flushed down toilets and can lead to big problems. In many cases, people even pour their cat litter down the drain. These items can’t break down properly and can damage your septic tank. They can also lead to clogging which will back up your system. Make sure you’re only flushing proper items down your toilet.

Failing to Learn the Basics of Your System

In order to properly take care of your system, it’s important to know the specifics. First and foremost, you should know where your tank and drain field are located to make monitoring and maintenance easy. You should know how many gallons the tank holds and when you pumped it last. You should also hold on to the original plans when installing the tank, its permits, and all record of maintenance. Keeping track of this information will help you gain insight into your system and the right maintenance tactics for the future.

Failing to Pump Your Tank Regularly

If you only pump your tank when there’s a problem, you can really decrease the longevity of your tank. It’s recommended that you pump your tank every 3-5, depending on usage and size. The more frequently you pump it, the better it performs. Regular maintenance will ensure that you never get clogs and avoid costly issues.

Missing Your Annual Inspection

Professional inspections can help keep your septic system in good working order. Especially in older systems, these inspections can help you identify issues early on. When you catch these issues when they’re small, you can make adjustments and repairs before they turn into big, costly issues. Professional septic system inspections are the best way to catch damage early on and ensure that your system is in good working order.

Doing Too Much Laundry at Once

Each load of laundry you do uses a lot of water. Therefore, if you’re doing several loads of laundry back-to-back, you’re putting a lot of stress on your septic system. Instead, try to spread out your laundry, doing only one load at a time. You’ll put less strain on your septic system this way, which will lead to less problems.

Overusing Your Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals seem great. You can shove all of your leftover food down the sink and not worry about it stinking up your garbage. However, putting too much solid waste down the drain is bad for your septic tank because it can take too long to break down. Additionally, if you’re dumping grease or oil down your garbage disposal, it will solidify when it dries and clog up your septic system. This mistake can not only cause damage and clogs, but will decrease the longevity and performance of your septic system. 

Using Chemicals

There are many chemical tank additives that say they break up solids and sludge. However, these chemicals can affect the bacteria in your system. Use of anti-bacterial soaps or cleaners in your sink can have a similar affect. Bacteria break down the solids in your septic tank. Therefore, these chemicals can damage good bacteria and do more harm than good. You’re better off with regular maintenance on your system and using natural cleaners near your drains. 

Forgetting to Care for Your Tank’s Drain Field

When talking about a septic system, most people focus on the drains and the tank. However, the drain field is equally important. If there is too much water in the drainage area, the tank won’t drain properly. When there is nowhere for the waste to go, your septic tank will stay full and need pumping. To avoid unnecessary clogs and maintenance, be sure to maintain your septic tank’s drain field.


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