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5 Signs You May Need Sewer Repairs

Posted by ADB Septic on October 31, 2019

A slow-moving drain is not always easily fixed with a plunger. 

Sometimes what seems like a minor plumbing issue could be a sign of a major sewer line problem. Since sewer lines are primarily underground, many homeowners do not even notice there is an issue until the plumbing problems begin to snowball and damage other systems in their homes. Sewer line repairs can be costly, and the longer it takes you to catch the issue, the more expensive repairs can be. Here are some signs to be on the lookout for that might mean your sewer line needs repairs.

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What Should I Do When My Sewage Pump Chamber Alarm Goes Off?

Posted by ADB Septic on August 27, 2019
For homeowners who rely on sewage pump chambers, a damaged pump system can lead to a serious nightmare if they do not react fast enough. This is why pump chambers include built-in alarm systems to alert you when immediate action needs to be taken in order to repair your septic system. These alarm systems are designed to warn homeowners when the water level in their pump tank is either rising or falling too quickly. Sewage pump chamber alarms are not to be taken lightly, as they are warnings that your house could potentially be flooded or backed up with sewage within a day or two. Although there are some steps homeowners can take on their own to try and correct water level problems, calling in a professional is always the best policy to avoid further damage to your septic system and household.
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