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Drain Field Installation: What You Should Know

Posted by ADB Septic on November 1, 2018

Your drain field is one of the most important parts of your septic system. During the septic system installation process, your technician will help you decide the best place for your drain field. Although you might think you can place it anywhere, there are actually a number of factors to consider. If you’re having a septic system installed, we have the information you need to know about your drain field.

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Why is a Septic Tank Drain Field Important?

Posted by ADB Septic on December 15, 2017

Each part of your septic system provides an important function in disposing of waste, treating wastewater, and releasing groundwater into the soil. Your drain field is an important part of the filtration and releasing parts of the process. To learn more about the importance of a septic tank drain field, read on!

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