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What Are the Dangers of a Failing Septic System?

Posted by ADB Septic on March 29, 2019

Every septic system has a lifespan, and even with proper usage and maintenance, it will eventually become too old to function and need to be replaced. If you do not keep up on important maintenance, this day will come even sooner. In either case, it’s important to replace your septic system when you see the signs of a failing system. Wondering why replacing a septic system is such a priority? We’ve outlined the top dangers of a failing system below.

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New Year New Septic System: Is it Time for a Replacement?

Posted by ADB Septic on December 20, 2018

Septic system maintenance is essential to keep your home functioning properly. If you’re on a regular pumping schedule and take care of any problems as soon as they occur, you’re likely to avoid major problems with your septic system. However, every septic system has an expiration date, even with the best possible maintenance. If you’re noticing problems with your system and there seem to be no other causes, it might be time for a septic system replacement. If your septic system is fairly old and you think it might need to be replaced, look for these signs. 

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6 Signs You Need to Replace Your Septic System

Posted by ADB Septic on July 11, 2017

Your septic system needs to be pumped every few years, but eventually your system will need to be replaced. After a few decades of wear and tear, your system will wear out. If you find your system needing to be pumped more frequently, it might be a sign that your system is failing. Here are some of the signs that your septic system is in need from replacement.


1. Puddles in Your Yard

If you notice puddles in your drain field or on the ground area around where your tank is buried, your system might be failing. These puddles can be a sign of your system failing to dispose of wastewater properly. When your system is struggling to perform its basic functions, it could be in need of replacement.

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Topics: Septic System Maintenance, Septic System Inspection, Septic System Replacement

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