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7 Things to Use Instead of Bleach

Posted by ADB Septic on April 18, 2019

If your home has a septic system, you probably know that there is a whole list of things that shouldn’t end up in your septic tank. One substance that can be harmful to your septic tank, especially in large quantities, is bleach. When you use bleach cleaners and they end up in your septic tank, they can disrupt the bacteria balance in your tank. When this bacteria balance is off, your tank cannot break down the solid waste in your tank, leading to blockages and overflow. To avoid this issue, it’s a good idea to use alternative cleaners in your sinks, showers, and toilets. We’ve compiled a list of cleaners you can use instead of bleach to maintain the health of your septic tank.

1. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice contains citric acid, which is a non-toxic natural cleaner. You can cut a lemon in half and rub it on any area you want to clean, which will disinfect the area. You can also squeeze out the juice into a spray bottle and use it as a spray cleaner. In both cases, the lemon will act as a natural cleaner and has the added benefit of creating a delightful smell in your home. Because lemon juice is natural and biodegradable, it will not harm your septic tank.

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