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The Dangers of Garbage Disposals in Homes With Septic Systems

Posted by ADB Septic on May 31, 2018

Many people install garbage disposals in their homes to ease the process of food waste disposal. Although a garbage disposal is convenient, if you have a septic system, it might be the wrong choice. Septic systems are not designed to deal with food waste, and allowing any materials down your drain other water and human waste can result in serious damage to your system. Read below to learn about the dangers of using a garbage disposal in a home with a septic system.

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Topics: Garbage Disposal, Proper Food Waste Disposal

Is it Acceptable To Use a Garbage Disposal with a Septic System?

Posted by ADB Septic on November 9, 2017
A healthy septic system involves a finely-tuned process, and there’s a variety of homeowner behaviors that can upset that process, resulting in numerous problems. Often, septic system problems necessitate homeowners calling a septic services company to help get the septic system running smoothly again.

One question that we often receive from homeowners is “Is it acceptable to use a garbage disposal with a septic system?” While most garbage disposal manufacturers will quickly tell you that you can use their product with your septic system, they are ignoring the troublesome truth that can be hiding behind that answer. This blog post seeks to explore the truth about how garbage disposals interact with septic systems.
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Topics: Bleach in Septic System, Garbage Disposal

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