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Summer Grease Trap Maintenance: 4 Tips for Restaurants

Posted by ADB Septic on July 24, 2018

During the summer, people are on vacation and are often inspired to go out and have fun and celebrate. The result of this shift is an increase in business at restaurants. Although this uptick is great for business, it can have a big impact on your kitchen. An increase in the volume of food being cooked in your kitchen will lead to an increased need for maintenance on your grease trap. We’ve compiled a list of tips to help your grease trap running smoothly during the busy summer months.

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1. Increase Your Pumping Frequency

Pumping your grease trap regularly is an important part of maintenance. With the extra use of your grease trap that comes with this busy season, your trap will fill up faster. When your grease trap is full, it won’t work as well. It will fail at filtering water correctly and can clog, back up, or overflow. A trap that is only 25% full can cause problems. For this reason, it’s important to pump out your trap more frequently to prevent an overfilled grease trap.

2. Follow Best Practices

It’s important to take care of your grease trap during the season, following best practices. Never dump grease down the drain. Instead, pour grease into a grease can, place it in the fridge to solidify, then throw the solid grease in the rash. Avoid putting too much grease in the dishwasher as well. Pay attention to what you’re dumping down the sink, as many people do not realize how much grease is involved with the food they cook. Avoiding pouring excess grease in your system will help keep your grease trap running smoothly and reduce the likelihood of clogs and backups.

3. Be Prepared for Emergencies

Because the summer increases the volume of food cooked in your kitchen and therefore the volume of grease in your trap, it’s important that every employee knows what to do in case of emergency. If there is a severe clog, employees should know not to pour solvents down the drain to try to break up the solids. They also should not insert a hose, pipe, or any other material to clear out the pipes. Instead of these DIY solutions that can cause damage, call in a professional to get rid of the clog. They will be able to clear out your pipes without causing damage to your plumbing.

4. Avoid DIY Maintenance

When there are issues with your grease trap, you might be tempted to attempt to fix them yourself to avoid spending money on repairs. However, attempting to perform maintenance yourself can lead to unintended damage that will lead to even costlier repairs. Professionals have the right tools for the job and are highly trained to handle maintenance issues. For this reason, if there are any issues with your grease trap, you should call in the professionals to avoid costly repairs.


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