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Should You Repair or Replace Your Drain Field?

Posted by ADB Septic on February 5, 2018

drain fieldYour drain field is an important part of your septic system. It is responsible for receiving wastewater and filtering it so it can be released back into the ground as clean water. If your drain field begins to malfunction, it can lead to contaminated groundwater and even a failing septic system. When faced with these issues, you’ll have to decide whether to repair or replace your drain field. Read below to learn which option is right for you.

Common Causes of Drain Field Issues

There are many different reasons your drain field might be giving you issues. The first reason is the age of your drain field. A drain field has a lifespan and an expiration date, and if the drain field is too old, it will start to fail. Oversaturation and flooding can also lead to a malfunctioning drain field, as can heavy objects that compact the soil. Additionally, failing to pump your septic tank and perform proper maintenance on your system can lead to drain field issues.

Signs of Drain Field Failure

There are a few different ways that you’ll know that your drain field is failing and in need of repair. You might see pools of water in your yard, over your drain field. You might experience water backups or gurgling noises in the pipes in your home. Additionally, the failure to filter wastewater can lead to bad odors coming from your drain field that could even seep into your home.

Drain Field Repair

If your drain field is exhibiting any of these issues, it is probably in need of repair. If your septic system is not working properly, you should investigate all parts of the system, including the pipes, tank, and drain field. If you have eliminated all other causes of issues, the drain field is probably the problem. If your drain field is not functioning properly, you should hire a septic services company to repair your drain field.

Drain Field Replacement

There are two main reasons that your drain field would need to be replaced rather than simply repaired. A drain field has a lifespan of roughly 20 years. If your drain field is reaching the end of that lifespan, it makes more sense to replace it than to spend money repairing it when it will fail again soon. The other main reason to replace your drain field would be if repair attempts fail. If a drain field becomes overworked for too long, it might be past the point of repair. If repeated attempts to repair your drain field have failed, you might need to replace it.


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