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Is My Main Sewer Line Clogged?

Posted by ADB Septic on September 13, 2018

main sewer lineWhen you’re having problems with your drains, chances are, it’s probably a clog. If you have a clog in a specific drain, it should be fairly easy to eliminate. However, when your main sewer line is clogged, it will cause problems in multiple drains throughout your home and be very difficult to solve. If you’re worried your main sewer line might be clogged, look for the following warning signs.


Slow Draining

If your toilet or sink is taking a long time to drain, that’s typically a good indicator of clogging in your plumbing. However, what’s different about clogging in the main sewer line is that it affects all other lines. If only one device is clogged, it’s probably not the main line. But if you see clogging in your toilet, your shower, and several sinks, it’s the main sewer line is likely the problem.


Have you noticed an odd gurgling noise coming from your drains? Again, if the gurgling noise is only present in one drain, it’s probably not the main line. However, if you’ve noticed gurgling coming from multiple drains, it might be the main sewer line. Additionally, if only one drain is gurgling but other drains in your home are also draining slowly, your main sewer line is probably clogged. 

Puddles in the Basement

If you notice drainage or puddles of water around the floor drain in your basement, that’s a sign of a major problem. Any water that appears around the main sewer line usually indicates that there’s some sort of blockage or clogging in the main line. However, if you notice this pooling, be sure to check that it’s not a small leak in the plumbing and is, in fact, the result of a clog.


Sometimes when there’s a clog in your drain, air can get trapped in the pipe. When this trapping occurs, you might see bubbles in your drain when you try to flush your toilet or drain your sink. When these bubbles appear in multiple drains, you can tell that there’s a problem in the main sewer line.

Drainage at the Sewer Cleanout

The sewer cleanout is usually a black or white pipe with a threaded cap. If you see drainage around this pipe, it usually means that the main sewer line is clogged. When this happens, you can remove the cap to release the pressure build up. This release of pressure will send the water outside instead of toward your house where it could cause damage.

Common Causes

Does your house exhibit some of these warning signs? There are a few causes that might be to blame. The most common cause is tree roots. Especially in older homes, tree roots can grow into pipes, causing clogs and damage. In newer homes, feminine hygiene products, paper towels, and certain types of thicker toilet paper can cause clogs.


How do you prevent this from happening again? First of all, you can keep from flushing the products listed under common causes or any other materials that shouldn’t go down a drain. In order to ensure proper water flow, you can fill your sinks to the top then drain them once or twice a month. This will keep your water flowing and get rid of any waste sitting in the line.


ADB Septic | Drain Cleaning Services CT 

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