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How to Properly Care For Your Septic System

Posted by ADB Septic on November 12, 2019
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Many homeowners do not realize that they can drastically shorten the lifespan of their septic system by not properly caring for it, which will lead to costly repairs or replacements down the road. For example, many people are unaware that flushing certain cleaning products down the toilet bowl can seriously damage your septic system. To ensure the longevity of your septic system, check out our list of what you should and should not do to properly care for your septic system.

You Should...

  • Regularly have your septic system pumped
    • To remove any solid and sludge buildup, remember to pump your septic system at least once every one to two years.
  • Use toilet paper that breaks down quickly
    • The rule of thumb is the higher-quality and lower ply your toilet paper is, the faster it will break down.
  • Wash out unused drained regularly
    • Make sure to periodically run water in any drains that are not being used consistently to prevent gasses from building up due to unused plumbing traps.
  • Try to conserve water
    • Septic tanks can only contain so much waste, so spread out your water usage as much as possible. For example, if you have a large quantity of laundry you need to get done, try to wash one load per day as opposed to doing it all in one day.
  • Keep your drain field clear
    • Tree roots can expand into your pipes searching for water, and can seriously damage your septic system. Be sure to remove any plants that start growing near your drain field.

You Should Not...

  • Use any chlorine or bleach-based cleaning products to clean your toilet bowls
    • Surprisingly, certain antibacterial cleaning products can damage your septic system. Since chlorine and bleach products are regularly used to whiten surfaces and remove stains, it is easy to see why some homeowners would use it to clean their toilet bowls. However, these chemicals will kill off the bacteria residing inside your septic tank that is needed to break down and treat waste properly. Without the bacteria, waste will build up in the septic tank. Eventually, the pressure will push grease, oils, and other solids out of the tank and into the drain field which can be quite expensive to repair.
  • Use soap and detergents that are high in phosphorus
    • Phosphorus is another chemical that can damage your septic system. You should also avoid using powder detergents, which tend to clump up and clog pipes over time.
  • Drive or park your vehicle over your septic system
    • The weight of your car can rupture pipes or cause structural problems in your septic tank that can shorten its lifespan.
  • Overuse your garbage disposal
    • Try to dispose of most of your food scraps into the trash instead of relying on the garbage disposal. Large amounts of food particles and grease can clog and disrupt the bacteria in your septic tank.
  • Flush objects that do not decompose such as:
    • Paper towels
    • Napkins
    • 'Flushable' wipes
    • Baby wipes
    • Towels
    • Grease

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