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How to Keep Your Septic System Healthy at Christmas

Posted by ADB Septic on December 5, 2019

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Christmas is coming soon, meaning everyone is scrambling to finish their shopping, wrap gifts, bake cookies, and finish up any other holiday tasks. If you’re hosting guests over the weekend, on Christmas Eve, or on Christmas day, you’re probably scrambling to get your home in tip top shape, cleaning every room and making sure your decorations are in order. When preparing your home for the Christmas holiday, one thing that might slip your mind is your septic system. It’s important to properly prepare your septic system for guests and other holiday-related challenges to make sure it continues to function properly during this busy time.

1. Consider Potential Snow

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas? Whether you want the snow or not, there’s always a solid chance that there will be snow on Christmas. Since we haven’t had much in the way of snow yet, its important to consider how snow will affect your septic system. Snow can compact your drain field, making it unable to filter wastewater. To avoid this compaction, make sure your soil is properly aerated. The snow will also make it difficult to pump your septic tank, meaning you should pump your tank before the snow sets in. When the snow is accompanied by bitter cold, it can also freeze components of your septic system or the tank itself. To avoid this issue, make sure your tank is properly insulated with a cover and/or thick grass.

2. Don’t Overwork Your System

If you’re having guests for the holidays, especially overnight guests, you should be sure to avoid overworking your septic system. With guests in your home, you will use more water from showers, laundry, and your dishwasher. It’s important to stagger your showers and avoid performing all of these tasks at once. Too much water use at once can leave your septic system unable to process the wastewater quickly enough, overworking your system, which can lead to damage and the flooding of your drain field. Food prep for holiday meals can also overwork your system when coupled with these other tasks. For this reason, try to prep your food early to avoid overusing your sink and dishwasher while you have guests.

3. Avoid Drain Clogs

While prepping your holiday meal, your plumbing can clog if you’re not careful. Avoid allowing food to travel down your drain. Use a food catcher and prep your food carefully. Because garbage disposals are not a good idea with a septic system, it’s important that you avoid food in your sink at all costs to avoid these clogs. When your plumbing gets clogged, your pipes can burst. It can also damage your septic system, which will not be able to properly drain water. Finally, when food gets into your septic system, it can interfere with the bacteria balance in your septic tank, which will leave your tank unable to break down solids.

4. Remind Guests What They Can Flush

During Christmas, you’ll probably have guests at your home. Many of your guests might be unfamiliar with septic systems, meaning they won’t know about the rules of what you can flush down your toilet. Make sure all of your guests are aware that you have a septic system, and that you should only flush waste and toilet paper down the toilet. If your guests are unaware of your septic system, they might try to flush items such as feminine products down the toilet, leading to damage to your septic system. For a refresher, read these tips of what you can flush down the toilet. Be sure to remind your guests of these tips to avoid any unwanted damage.

5. Pump Your Tank

Pumping your septic tank is the single most important part of septic system maintenance. If your tank is nearing full, it’s a good idea to pump it before the Christmas holiday. When your septic tank is full, it can overflow, leaking sewage into your yard. This sewage can also travel back up your pipes, causing foul odors in your home as well as major health concerns. A full or nearing full septic tank can also overwork your system, leading to serious damage and costly repairs. Finally, failing to pump your septic system will lead to your system being unable to properly dispose of waste and treat wastewater. To avoid all of these issues, consider a septic tank pumping before the Christmas holiday.

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