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How To Handle A Septic Tank Emergency

Posted by ADB Septic on May 3, 2017

Experiencing a septic system emergency can be distressing and cause costly damages. Although most septic systems will eventually fail, it’s important to know what to do in an emergency to keep you, your home and the neighborhood safe. Read this blog further to learn about the steps you should take to properly handle a septic tank emergency.


Have A Septic Company On Speed Dial

Okay, you may not necessarily need a septic company on speed dial but you should still have a company in mind that offers 24 hours emergency services. This is especially important when you notice high water levels in your tank or smell foul odors around your drainfield. When an emergency happens, you don’t want to waste time scrambling to find a company to fix the issue. Rushing in an emergency can lead to over paying or poor installation. If the job is done wrong, it could end up costing you so much more in repairs, not to mention added frustration. Additionally, when an emergency happens, you’ll want a company that can do it all. That way once the repairs are over, you won’t have to be stuck with the damaging cleanup yourself.

Clean The Damage As Soon As Possible 

To prevent health and safety risks, be sure to clean any water damage or waste that can result from a septic tank emergency. If waste has backed up into your home, clean up the mess as soon as possible. Disinfect floors and other affected surfaces with the right cleaning solution to avoid health issues. If you are not sure how or don’t have the needed tools to clean the waste on your own, it’s important to hire a professional septic company.

Untreated sewage is a health hazard and can cause many diseases. Did you know these health hazards can also seep into nearby bodies of water? Once this harmful sewage enters the groundwater, you and your neighbors' wells can be contaminated. Even worse, if this sewage reaches nearby streams or rivers, those areas also become infected, which can harm the public.

Inspect The Drainfield 

The soil absorption field may be affected if your septic system backs up. Look over the area carefully for signs of erosion damage; those areas can be renewed or sodded over to protect your system after the septic tank failure has been resolved. However, with a certified and licensed septic company, they’ll offer to not only repair and clean up after a septic failure but also undergo an inspection of the system as well.

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