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How to Find Your Septic Tank

Posted by ADB Septic on July 18, 2018

finding your septic tankA properly functioning septic tank is important to keep your home clean and healthy. Performing proper maintenance on your septic tank is essential to keeping it working well. In order to perform maintenance on your system, you’ll need to call in professional services. However, when the professionals arrive, you’ll need to be able to point them to your septic tank. If you’re not sure where your septic tank is located, use these tips to help you find it.


Look for Visual Clues

There are a few different indicators that you might notice on your property that will indicate the location of your septic tank. Obstructions such as large rocks, streams, or property boundaries will indicate that the tank is located elsewhere. You might notice especially lush grass near your septic system, as the waste treated in the drain field often acts as fertilizer. If there are unexplained high or low spots in your yard, they could indicate a buried septic tank. Finally, your septic tank lid might be visible from the surface, indicating the septic tank underneath.

Consult a Map

The most straightforward way to locate your septic tank is to use a map. Most counties keep records of each septic tank installation. Within these records, you’ll find a map with diagrams that will reveal the location of your tank. These diagrams will be complete with dimensions that will allow you to measure to find the exact spot where your septic tank is located. When using the map, be sure to consider landmarks that might have changed since the initial installation. When you use a map to find your septic tank, you should be able to measure your property to find the exact location.

Use the Pipes

Your plumbing is connecting to your septic tank, so using your pipes can help direct you to your septic tank. In your basement or crawl space of your home, there will be a 4-inch sewer pipe. Using a thin metal probe, follow the pipe under the ground by sticking the probe into the ground where the pipe is located. Probe every two feet or so while following the pipe. Once you feel the probe striking flat concrete, fiberglass, or polyethylene, you have located your septic tank. Most septic tanks are located 10-25 feet away from your home, and they cannot be closer than 5 feet away from your home. Use these guidelines to help you understand when you’re getting close to the tank during the probing process.


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