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How Often Should Your Septic Tank be Inspected?

Posted by ADB Septic on August 30, 2019

Septic tank inspection-1Every savvy homebuyer knows the importance of getting a septic inspection before purchasing a new home to identify any hidden problems and avoid costly repairs down the line. However, most septic system professionals actually recommend having your septic tank inspected every three to five years. Some homes may even need to have their septic tanks inspected more frequently depending on a number of different factors.

What Exactly is a Septic Inspection?

Inspections are performed by professionals in order to identify any potential problems with your tank, drainfield, or any other part of your septic system. The purpose of conducting these inspections is to catch any issues early before they end up causing cost intensive damages down the line. Since every home's septic system is unique when it comes to capacity and usage, it can be difficult to predict exactly how frequently your tank should be inspected. However, there are several ways to help narrow down how often you should schedule inspections for your septic system.

So How Often Should I Have my Septic System Inspected?

According to Greg Mayfield, president of Southern Water & Soil in Zephyrhills, the average homeowner should have a professional inspect and empty their septic system at least once every five years. However, in certain circumstances, some homeowners should have their septic tanks inspected much more often.

If there are six or more people residing in the house, then inspections are recommended every two or three years. However, it's not just the amount of waste produced that can lead to more frequent inspections, but also how often laundry machines, dishwashers, and other water-based appliances are used. Additionally, the size of your septic tank should be taken into account when determining how often you should have inspections. Another important detail to note is that homes with septic systems utilizing electrical float switches, garbage disposals, pumps, or other mechanical components should be inspected and pumped at least once every year.

The Importance of Regular Inspections

Routine septic tank inspections are of the upmost importance if you want to avoid potential damage to your home and septic system. Repairs can be expensive if a septic tank backs up into the house, and after the system is fixed homeowners could still face quite a few hours of cleanup. Even worse, a septic tank blowout can destroy the entire system and expel sewage into the nearby environment. If this happens, the area around your home can become contaminated and cost thousands of dollars to clean up.

Inspection Tips

Be sure to ask your septic professional about the details of their findings after every inspection, especially when it comes to the sludge layers in your tank. Septic professionals keep track of these layers because they can cause a backup if they exceed the capacity of your tank. Next time your tank is inspected, be sure to check with your service professional about sludge layers. If the uppermost scum layer is within one foot of the outlet leading to your drainfield then you will need to have your tank pumped. By carefully monitoring these layers you can predict the next time it will require pumping. Maintaining detailed records of previous service intervals is a relatively easy way to keep track of when you will need to schedule your next inspection.

There are also several warning signs that can indicate it is time for a septic inspection:

  • If water is funneling down your drain slower than usual
  • If you notice a sewage smell coming from inside or around your house
  • If there is pooling water or unusually lush grass above your drainfield

Noticing any of these indicators means there is a good chance your septic tank requires immediate pumping, and that you should schedule an inspection as soon as possible.

ADB Septic | CT Septic System Repair & Replacement

To avoid any potential damages to your tank and household, it is important to schedule regular inspections on your septic tank. Whether you need a routine pumping or an entire replacement of your septic system, A.D.B. Construction & Septic Corp. can help!

A.D.B. Construction & Septic Corp. is a septic services business in Manchester, CT. We proudly serve residential and commercial customers all over Hartford County and beyond with a full slate of services. With over 20 years of experience, we have completed countless projects of all scopes and sizes. Needless to say, there is nothing we can’t do when it comes to septic tanks, sewer systems, basement waterproofing, drains, and more.

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