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Commercial Septic Systems vs. Residential: A Comparison

Posted by ADB Septic on April 16, 2019

Septic systems are important for treating and disposing of human waste and wastewater on all types of properties. Both homeowners and commercial property owners can benefit from septic systems. Commercial septic systems and residential septic systems are actually designed very similarly, with similar parts and operations. We’ve broken down a comparison of the two types of systems below to help you understand the difference.commercial building


Septic systems are needed anywhere that there is no public sewage systems. You will need a commercial septic system if you own a commercial building in an area with no public sewer, much like you will need a residential septic system if you own a home without access to a sewer. Septic systems receive, dispose of, and treat waste when there are no other systems in place. Installing a septic system is an important step in opening up a commercial property or building a home to ensure your restrooms and sewage disposal are taken care of. In any area with residential septic systems, a commercial septic system will be necessary, which is similar but on a larger scale.


A commercial septic system operates similarly to a commercial one, just on a larger scale. Waste and wastewater will be flushed down the toilet, sink, bathtub, or shower, and travel through plumbing into the septic tank. This septic tank will be large enough to hold a large volume of solid waste. The liquid wastewater will be treated through the drain field and released back into the ground as clean groundwater. Because commercial septic systems operate on a larger scale than residential ones, they will require extensions to handle the larger volume of waste. Horizontal extensions are the best choice when space allows them, but vertical extensions that dig deeper into the ground can also be used to extend a septic system.

Basic Design

All septic systems are designed in the same basic way. They drain waste from the building through the pipes into the septic tank. From the tank, the wastewater is released into the drain field pipes, treated, and released into the ground. Although the basic design of a commercial and residential septic system is the same, commercial septic systems need to be much larger and sometimes require pre-treatment of the effluent to help it degrade quickly.


The easiest way to design a larger septic system is to add extensions to the drain field to allow for a larger volume of waste. Sometimes, horizontal extensions are applied to areas where space is not an issue. When there is not adequate space for horizontal extensions, vertical extensions that dig deeper into the soil will accomplish the same goal. When space is a large issue, the holding tank can be placed above the ground then covered with dirt and planted with grass. Using an artificial hill with drains that extend underneath can help expand a commercial septic system without taking up too much space.


All septic systems require regular maintenance including pumping the tank, clearing clogged drainpipes, and, after a long time, tank replacement. However, because of the high volume of waste flowing through the system, it will require more regular maintenance than a residential septic system. If you have a commercial septic system, you should consider a contract with a septic services company that will schedule regular maintenance to ensure that your system is working properly.


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