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Can My Pets Impact My Septic System?

Posted by ADB Septic on August 8, 2019

Screen Shot 2019-08-08 at 2.47.31 PMYour pets typically aren’t using your toilet, leading many homeowners to believe that their pets have no impact on their septic system. However, shedding, activity in your yard, and pet waste disposal can all have a potential impact on your septic system. We’ve outlined the impact that your household pets can have on your septic system in the post below.

Pet Hair

For some reason, cats love sitting in sinks. If you have a cat, you’ve probably noticed it jumping up on the counter to sit in the sink, fascinated with the faucet. Unfortunately, the result of cats in the sink is a buildup of cat hair in your sink. If you give your dog baths in your bathtub, you’ll also find a buildup of dog hair in your tub. When pet hair builds up in your drains, it can collect and lead to clogs in your drain. To avoid this clogging, you should put stoppers and catchers in your drains to collect the hair and keep it out of your plumbing.

Cat Waste and Your Toilet

Cat waste can be a serious problem for your septic system. You should never flush cat poop down your toilet. If it’s been sitting in the litter box a while, it will become petrified, which can lead to clogs in your pipe. You should also avoid allowing cat litter down your toilet, as it can cause clogs and release chemicals that will interfere with the bacteria balance in your tank. Additionally, cat waste often contains a parasite that can be dangerous to humans. When this parasite enters your septic system, it can be released into the ground water, contaminating your water source. Between the potential health hazards and the damage to your septic system, it’s best to avoid allowing any cat waste down your toilet.


If your dog is a digger, it can lead to problems with your septic system. If he digs near your tank or pipes, he can accidentally damage it. Additionally, even if he doesn’t damage the system, if he leaves any part of it exposed, it will be vulnerable to wear and tear. If your dog is a digger, keep an extra eye on him if he goes anywhere near your septic system. If you can’t stop your dog from digging near your septic system, be sure to cover up any exposed pipes that he might dig up to avoid damage. If you do notice damage, it’s important to call a septic services company immediately to repair your system.

Pet Products

It’s important to avoid allowing certain pet products from entering your septic system. If you’re bathing your pet, certain pet shampoos contain chemicals that can interfere with the balance of bacteria in your septic tank. Flea and tick products can also lead to damage. When the balance of bacteria in your septic tank is off, your tank will not be able to break down waste efficiently, leading to a disruption of your septic system’s functioning. Additionally, avoid flushing pet wipes down your toilet, even if they’re marked flushable. These wipes can lead to clogging in your pipes and cannot be broken down in your septic tank.


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