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Can I Use Bleach If I Have a Septic System?

Posted by ADB Septic on February 28, 2019

Many homeowners worry about the materials that go down their drains. If you don’t pay close attention to these materials, you could end up dumping materials down your drain that are harmful to your septic tank. In moderation, bleach will not harm your septic tank. However, there are many precautions that should be taken when exposing your septic system to bleach, as it can be very harmful. Read below to learn about the dangers of exposing your septic system to bleach.



Most people are not in the habit of dumping bleach down their drain, so you might wonder how your system could be exposed to bleach. Any time you use bleach to clean your shower, toilet, or sink, some of the bleach will go down the drain. Additionally, if you use bleach when you wash your clothes, it will travel down your plumbing into your septic system as well. When you use bleach for these cleaning purposes, you will not expose your system to an excess of bleach. However, over time, your system might be exposed to a large amount of bleach.


Moderate amounts of bleach will not harm your septic system. However, when you expose your system to an excess of bleach, it can kill the bacteria in your septic tank or disrupt the bacteria balance. The bacteria in your tank are essential to the functioning of the system, as it is responsible for breaking down solids in the tank. The solids in your septic tank need to be broken down to avoid allowing sewage to leak out of your tank. Without this bacteria in your tank, you can experience backups in your pipes, tank overflow, and even system failure. In order to avoid these types of issues, it’s important to monitor your bleach usage.

Septic Tank Treatment

If your beach exposure is limited to an occasional cleaning, you do not need to worry about damage to your system. However, if your bleach usage is more frequent, you might consider using a septic tank treatment. These treatments can be purchased where drain cleaners and other cleaning supplies are sold. They are full of the bacteria and enzymes necessary to break down the solids in your tank. This treatment can replace the bacteria that bleach destroys, ensuring that your septic system will not be damaged. However, these treatments are not entirely effective, meaning a septic system exposed to bleach might require more frequent maintenance.


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