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A Brief Overview: VIP Portable Toilet Units

Posted by ADB Septic on October 3, 2019

Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 12.14.51 PMRenting portable toilets is the best way to provide easy access to restrooms during outdoor events. However, not every outdoor event is a casual affair. For more upscale events, you might consider VIP units to add comfort and convenience for your guests. If you’re considering renting VIP portable toilets for your next event, here’s everything you should know.


VIP Unit Features

All portable toilet units include hand sanitizer, tissue rolls, a translucent roof for better lighting, and an occupancy signal. VIP units have extra features that will add to your guests’ experience. They have a corner tank designed for a more spacious experience. There is a flushable tank operated by a foot pump and a fresh water sink for hand washing. The VIP units also have coat and purse hooks and a convenience shelf. Additionally, you’ll find a waste paper basket, hand towels, and hand sanitizer for optimal cleanliness and comfort.

Types of Events

You might be wondering when VIP units are the appropriate choice. You can use VIP units at any event where you’re looking to provide easy access to restrooms for your guests. However, VIP units are particularly well suited to more upscale events. Concerts and outdoor events that are a bit more upscale, such as classical music concerts or Shakespeare in the park, might call for VIP units. Weddings, upscale outdoor parties, and outdoor corporate events can also benefit from VIP units to set the right tone for your guests.

How Many Will You Need?

After deciding to rent your portable toilets, you’ll need to figure out how many you need. First, you should estimate how many guests will attend your event. In general, the rule of thumb is one portable toilet for every 10 guests. If you’re serving food and beverage, you might need more. If your event will have alcohol, you will need even more toilets. You should also consider the size of your venue, as larger venues will need more portable toilets to provide easy access to guests in all areas of the event.

ADB Septic | Portable Toilet Rentals in CT

ADB Construction & Septic is pleased to offer Portable toilet rentals. We service the entire state of Connecticut, offing a full menu of portable toilet options.   Whether you’re a contractor with a long term job site, or hosting an event that requires temporary bathroom facilities we’ve got you covered. We pride ourselves on clean units you will be happy to use. Customer service isn’t just a priority but a commitment. We offer convenient cleaning schedules to work around your schedule. Call us today and discover what sets us apart.

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