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6 Tips for Placing Portable Toilets at Your Event

Posted by ADB Septic on April 9, 2019

portable toiletsSpring is here, which means that it’s finally time for warm weather and outdoor events. At these outdoor events, it’s fairly common to rent portable toilets to provide easy access to restrooms for your guests. Not only do portable toilets create a more comfortable environment for guests, but they also give hosts of events peace of mind knowing the venue will remain sanitary and enjoyable for all guests. When renting portable toilets, one of the most common questions organizers of events have is where to place these toilets. We’ve compiled a list of tips to help you decide on the optimal placement of portable toilets at your next outdoor event.

1. Prioritize Accessibility

The most important thing to take into account when placing portable toilets around your event is accessibility. Your guests should be able to easily reach a restroom whenever they might need one. When considering accessibility, you will need to place enough portable toilets around the different sections of your event to make sure your guests are never a far walk from a toilet. If you are working with a large venue, you will probably need more portable toilets than your number of guests might suggest to make sure that all of the ground is covered.

2. Consider Your Event Layout

When placing portable toilets, the layout of your event and the flow of traffic is important to consider for optimal placement. While it is important to make portable toilets easily accessible, they should also not be in the way. For this reason, you should avoid placing portable toilets in any areas that might be in the middle of large crowds. Consider the layout of your event and avoid placing toilets in the center of chaos or high traffic areas. However, it’s a good idea to place portable toilets near this type of area, as high traffic means high demand for restrooms. Consider placing your portable toilets safely off to the side of these high traffic areas.

3. Place Toilets Near Food and Beverage

If your event has one section for food and beverage, it’s important to place more portable toilets in this area. When people are consuming food and beverages, the demand for restrooms will increase, making it essential to have easily accessible portable toilets. If your event is serving alcohol, it’s essential that there are a fair number of portable toilets in this area. Not only will consumption of alcohol increase the demand for restrooms, but it will also increase the likelihood of your guests using non-designated areas as a restroom if there is not one nearby. For the sanitation of your event and the comfort of your guests, be sure to place a considerable number of portable toilets near any food and beverage stations.

4. Look at Your Landscaping

The landscaping of the venue you are working with is an important factor to consider when placing your portable toilets. All portable toilets should be placed on stable, level ground to avoid any tipping over or accidents that might occur. If possible, you should also avoid placing the toilets in wet areas or in mud, as there can be a slipping hazard when your guests are entering or exiting the toilet. To ensure the safety of your guests, be sure to place your portable toilets on dry, level, stable ground.

5. Choose Well-Lit Areas

If your event is taking place in the evening or at night, it’s important to choose areas for portable toilets that are well-lit. When your guests cannot see when they are entering and exiting the portable toilet, it can lead to slipping and other accidents. Additionally, portable toilets are often not equipped with lights inside and instead rely on the translucent roof for light. For this reason, if you do not choose a well-lit area, your guests will not be able to see what they are doing while they are inside the portable toilet. To avoid these issues, make sure any area in your event with portable toilets is properly lit.

6. Ask Your Rental Company

When placing portable toilets around your event, it’s a great idea to ask for the advise of the company you’re renting the toilets from. This advice can be especially helpful if your event space is rather large. Your portable toilet rental company is likely to ask you many of the questions addressed above, but they will also be able to provide valuable insight specific to your particular event. They can answer any questions you might have about placement and recommend the optimal areas for placement. To ensure the maximum accessibility and ideal placement of the portable toilets at your next event, don’t be afraid to turn to the experts for advice.


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