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5 Tips to Get Your Septic System Ready for the Holiday Season

Posted by ADB Septic on November 21, 2019

If you’ve been to the mall lately, you might have noticed that the holiday season is already upon us. Halloween might have just ended, but Thanksgiving will be here before you know it. To prepare for the holiday season, you might do a deep cleaning of your home and get the yard in shape before the snow. Because the holidays bring extra food prep and lots of guests, it’s also important to prepare your septic system for this busy time of year. We’ve compiled a list of tips to help you take care of your septic system during the holiday season.thanksgiving

Stagger Showers

When you have guests staying for multiple days, you should consider staggering showers and baths. Make sure some members of the house are showering at night and others are showering in the morning. Encourage everyone in your home to take shorter showers and consider bathing young children together. Taking these precautions will decrease the stress on your system that comes from high water usage at one time.

Avoid Consecutive Laundry Loads

If you have guests over for long periods of time, avoid a designated “laundry day” on which you do many loads of laundry consecutively. You should do laundry over the period of multiple days. Additionally, you should only run full loads of laundry to avoid unnecessary water usage.

Remind Guests What They Can Flush

It’s important to remind your guests what they can flush down the toilet and what they can’t. If you’re not sure what items can be flushed down the toilet, click here for a complete list! Flushing non-flushable items can increase the likelihood of backups in your system. When you have guests over, there is a bigger chance of these items ending up in the toilet. To prevent this issue, simply remind your guests what’s safe to flush.

Prep Food Early

When cooking a large holiday meal, it’s a good idea to do prep work ahead of time. Consider chopping vegetables ahead of time or preparing every step of a dish except cooking. When you perform food prep ahead of time, you will use less water when washing dishes on the day of the actual holiday. You should also do your best to only run full dishwasher loads and to use disposable plates and silverware when possible.

Pump Your Septic Tank

If it’s been a while, it’s a good idea to pump your septic tank before you’re expecting visitors. If your tank is close to full, the extra usage with guests can lead to damage to your system and overflow. Pumping your tank will give your drain field a short resting period to prepare for extra usage. Additionally, it will ensure that there is no risk of blockage or overflow when your guests arrive.

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