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5 Reasons to Pump Your Restaurant Grease Trap Regularly

Posted by ADB Septic on June 28, 2018

Depositphotos_4022612_l-2015-minYour grease trap is an essential part of your restaurant kitchen, disposing of waste and keeping the kitchen running smoothly. Pumping your grease trap is important to ensure it works the way it’s supposed to. It’s recommended that a grease trap be serviced every 30-90 days, depending on the volume and type of food cooked at a restaurant. You might think that you only need to pump your grease trap when it’s completely full, but servicing it regularly will help you avoid a lot of problems.

1. Prevent Expensive Backups

It’s cheaper to maintain your grease trap than it is to repair it. Servicing your grease trap regularly will ensure that no backups occur. The waste collected in a grease trap takes a long time to decompose. Therefore, leaving the waste sitting too long will create backups. These backups can lead to all sorts of damage to your sewage system. 

2. Ensure A Healthy Work Environment

When the waste from a grease trap sits around, it can become toxic. This build up is bad for worker’s health, and repeated exposure can make people sick. Additionally, the build up has a very bad smell and will make your kitchen an unpleasant environment. If you want your workers to have a safe, healthy, enjoyable work environment, regular grease trap pumping is crucial.

3. Keep Up With Regulations

Because build up in your grease trap can cause so much damage, there are regulations about maintenance and pumping. Regular service will ensure that your grease trap is always within regulations. If you fail to service your grease trap, you could face hefty fines as a result of violating these regulations. 

4. Avoid Sewer Problems

Your grease trap is located in the sewer and drainage system of your restaurant. When it gets too full, it can lead to blockages and back-ups. These blockages can result in damage to your plumbing. In some cases, it will cause plumbing emergencies that will cause your restaurant to shut down. Not only will you lose business during a shut down, but you’ll face a heavy cost for repair.

5. Protect the Environment

If you fail to service your grease trap, it can lead to leakage. Blockages and leakage are very harmful to the environment. Because the waste stored in grease traps is so hard to break down, harmful waste will seep into the environment and cause damage. If you want to protect the environment around you, regularly servicing your grease trap can be a great way to help!


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