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5 Reasons to Have Your Septic Tank Pumped More Often

Posted by ADB Septic on September 20, 2019

Routine septic tank pumping is extremely important if you want to maintain a functioning septic system. However, there are a number of special circumstances that may require more frequent pumping. Here are four of the most common reasons homeowners need to have their septic tank pumped more often.

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If You Are Throwing a Party

Proactively having your septic tank pumped before anticipated heavy usage significantly reduces the chances of a septic system backup or drain-field overload. If you are planning on having a huge party or know a large number of family members will be staying at your home for awhile, then you should probably make sure your septic tank has been pumped ahead of time.

If You Use Your Garbage Disposal Often

Although garbage disposals are helpful when it comes to discarding unwanted scraps of food, they can cause serious problems with your septic tank. All of the fats, grease, and other waste from your garbage disposal will have a more difficult time breaking down in such a wet environment. This excess waste will also overload your tank faster the more often you use the garbage disposal. In fact, households that regularly use a garbage disposal have to pump their tanks at least twice as often as homes without a garbage disposal.

If Your Tank has Been Exposed to Flood Conditions

Even if your septic tank seems to be undamaged after withstanding torrential floods, chances are it will need to be pumped. Tanks that have been exposed to flood conditions usually require pumping as they may have been filled with backing up silt or mud.

If Your Family Uses a Water Softener

If your household has hard water and your family uses either water softening chemicals or a water conditioner that empties into the septic tank, then your tank will require more frequent pumping than the average septic tank. This is because the amount of sodium chloride in water softeners can lower the healthy bacterial balance in the septic tank which increasing the water volume. If this waste is not pumped often enough, it could end up flooding the drain field.

If You Have Recently Expanded the Size of Your Residence

You should never expand the size of your household without first adjusting the size of your septic system. When remodeling your home, remember that any additions can impact your septic system. If your family is growing and you want to expand your household to accommodate everyone, be sure to contact a septic professional before any renovations. The more residents and water-using appliances you have in your house, the more often you will need to pump your septic tank.

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