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5 Reasons to Avoid DIY Septic System Repair

Posted by ADB Septic on February 8, 2018

Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 11.32.11 AM-min.pngThere are many different ways your septic system can malfunction, including issues with drainage, filtration, or leakage. If your septic system is having issues, you might be tempted to attempt to fix the problem yourself in order to save money. However, attempting to repair a septic system yourself can have disastrous consequences. Read below to learn about the reasons why septic system repair is best left to the professionals.

1. Misdiagnosing Problems

If you’re not a trained professional, you might have difficulty figuring out exactly what’s wrong with your septic system. Although leaks are easy to locate, clogs often are not. Additionally, problems with your septic tank or drain field might be difficult to notice or diagnose without the proper tools and expertise. When you misdiagnose or fail to find the problem, you’ll waste time and possibly make the problem worse. In order to properly diagnose the problem with your septic system, it’s best to call a professional.

 2. The Wrong Equipment

One of the biggest disadvantages to DIY septic system repair is that you will not have the proper tools for the job. When dealing with clogs, you will not have the professional snaking equipment to help clear major clogs. Attempting to clear the clog yourself could damage your pipes and be ultimately unsuccessful. If the root of your problem is the septic tank itself, you will not have access to the digging equipment to get to the tank, and you will not be able to pump your tank if necessary. If you are having issue with your septic system, it’s best to call in professionals who have access to the right equipment for the job.

3. Making the Problem Worse

Because you are not a trained professional, one of the risks of DIY septic system maintenance is damage to your system. Often times, using the wrong tool or the wrong technique can escalate the issue. Additionally, attempting to dig to reach your septic tank can lead to accidental damage of the tank. Professional technicians are trained to handle septic system issues and are equipped with the proper tools, ensuring that your problem will be solved. For this reason, it’s better to use a professional to get the job done than to risk doing it yourself and making the problem worse.

4. Health and Safety Risks

Attempting to repair your septic system yourself can pose risks to you and your family. Clearing a drain yourself or repairing leaks can lead to cuts and other injuries. Using chemicals to clear drains or clear out your system can pose a health risk if you inhale the chemicals. Attempting to reach your septic tank without proper equipment can be hazardous as well, leaving you vulnerable to injury. To avoid these health and safety risks, it’s best to use a trained professional to repair your septic system.

5. Wasted Time and Money

Possibly the biggest disadvantage to DIY septic system repair is that it is often ineffective. DIY drain cleaning will often not be successful because professional snaking equipment will be required. DIY septic tank repairs are nearly impossible without the right tools both for digging and repair. DIY drain field repair is exceptionally difficult without proper training. For these reasons, attempting to repair your septic system yourself will lead to wasted time and money for fruitless results. In the end, you will have to hire a professional septic services company anyway. For this reason, you should save yourself the time and money and hire a professional to handle your repair from the beginning.


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