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5 Common Septic System Problems

Posted by ADB Septic on November 5, 2019

Common Septic System ProblemsSeptic systems in Connecticut are known for being generally reliable and safe systems for both commercial and residential waste disposal.

Yet, septic system emergencies still occur, and problems with septic system are more likely to happen if preventative system maintenance aren’t part of your normal home care routine.

This post will look into several common septic system problems homeowners run into and what you can do to avoid costly repairs.

Why Do Septic Systems Fail?

Most septic systems run into problems due to inappropriate design or poor maintenance. Some soil-based systems (those with a drain field) are installed at sites with inadequate or inappropriate soils, excessive slopes, or high ground water tables. These conditions can lead to hydraulic failures and contamination of nearby water sources. Beyond that, failure to perform routine maintenance, such as pumping the septic tank generally at least every 3-5 years, can cause solids in the tank to migrate into the drain field and clog the system.

Clogs and Backups

Backups and clogs are feared amongst homeowners, and for good reason too. Nobody particularly enjoys the idea of dirty sewage seeping back up through drains and into their home. To avoid these issues, it’s absolutely critical that you keep non-septic safe wastes out of your drains. Read this post to learn more about what you can and can’t flush down the toilet. Obviously, you want to avoid expandable and thick substances like grease, cotton, diapers, gauze and tampons.

Too Much Water in The Tank

Unfortunately, inefficient water use can lead to the tank holding more water than it was intended . When you have excess water in your septic tank, solid wastes don’t get a chance to break down before the water level in the tank raises so high that solid matter passes out of the tank into distribution tubes that are only built to handle liquids. This, in effect, blocks the tubes.

To fix this, try to minimize the amount of water going into your septic system by spreading out clothes washing over a number of days, rather than doing 4-5 loads of laundry all on one day. Low flow or dual flush toilets can also help to lessen water going into the system.

Insidious Tree Roots Can Cause Problems

Poorly-maintained septic systems are often troubled by tree root infiltration. As you may imagine, tree roots are attracted to the nutrient and moisture rich waste found in septic tanks and lines. Therefore, it’s fairly common for tree roots to slowly grow around and into septic tanks and lines, working their way through small leaks and cracks, and expanding them with time. Professional septic tank experts will be able to account for nearby trees and plants to ensure that infiltration is unlikely in the future.

Digging Can Cause Damage to Septic Lines

As a homeowner, you may have the urge to complete a weekend project in your backyard, however, if your project requires digging, make sure you call your town beforehand so they can mark your septic lines and other utility lines prior to digging. It’s unfortunate that homeowners can damage their systems by digging right into them, which ultimately causes costly pipe repairs, and in some cases, replacement.

Sewer Odors Terrorizing Your Home

Perhaps the most easy-to-notice problem with septic systems is sewer odor buildup within the home. This can happen when there is a clog in your septic systems ventilation. A clog in the ventilation will inevitably cause gasses to get trapped in the home. IF this happens, which we sincerely hope it doesn’t, make sure you call a 24-hour septic system emergency service to clear your vent and eliminate that smelly sewer odor.

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