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4 Common Septic System Problems in the Spring

Posted by ADB Septic on March 22, 2019

springIt’s officially spring and before we know it we’ll be seeing warmer weather and longer days. Although the springtime brings warm weather and new growth, it also brings a fair amount of temperature fluctuation and rain. For this reason, the springtime weather can create unique problems for your septic system. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to try to prevent these problems. Read the blog post below to learn about the common septic system problems homeowners run into in the springtime and what you can do about them.

1. Flooded Drain Field

Because of the frequent rain that occurs during the springtime, it’s likely that your drain field can flood during this time of the year. This is especially likely if your yard does not have proper drainage. When your drain field floods, it will not be able to properly filter wastewater, which can lead to contaminated groundwater on your property. This issue can also damage your septic system, leading to permanent problems. To avoid a flooded drain field, make sure your drain field is properly aerated and that your yard has proper drainage. Redirect gutters and drains to ensure that any water travels away from your drain field.

2. Overworked Septic System

Because of the excess rainfall in the springtime, your septic system can become overworked. While the system is attempting to deal with the extra wastewater, it will work twice as hard to handle the same amount of waste being produced inside your home. This work is made even harder if your tank is close to full. When your system is overworked, it can become unable to properly treat and dispose of waste. You might also see permanent damage to your system. For this reason, it’s important to pump your septic tank before the springtime rain if it’s approaching full. Pumping your tank will minimize the amount of work your system has to perform to deal with excess water. You can also consider conserving water in your home by staggering showers and laundry to avoid overworking your system.

3. Backed Up Drains

When you have excess rainfall in your area because of the spring, the water can fill your septic system and actually travel back up your pipes into your home. When the excess water travels back up your pipes, you might experience gurgling or backed up drains. This can lead to serious issues with drainage, leading to necessary drain cleaning to keep your drains and pipes in proper working order. To avoid this issue, be sure to keep your drains clear with professional drain cleanings to minimize the issues that excess water will cause.

4. Debris in Your Septic Tank

In addition to excessive rainfall, the springtime also often brings severe storms. Because of the frequent changes in temperature and pressure that occur during the spring weather, we often see severe thunderstorms, hail storms, and other severe weather. After these storms, it is fairly common to end up with trees or debris in your plumbing or septic system. Although damage from storms is somewhat unavoidable, you can minimize the damage by keeping your yard free of debris and trimming trees of loose branches. If debris do enter your septic tank, be sure to pump your tank soon to avoid any problems with septic system operations.


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