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4 Benefits of Regular Grease Trap Pumping

Posted by ADB Septic on January 15, 2019

Your grease trap is essential to the proper functioning of your restaurant kitchen. It is responsible for disposing of waste and keeping your sink and plumbing in good working order. Pumping your grease trap is essential to keeping it working the way it’s supposed to. Depending on the volume and type of food cooked at your restaurant, it’s recommended that you service your grease trap every 30-90 days and stick to a regular schedule. You might think that pumping your grease trap when it’s completely full is enough, but you should actually avoid allowing your grease trap to become more than 3/5 full. For this reason, a regular grease trap pumping schedule is important to keep your restaurant kitchen functioning smoothly.

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1. A Healthy Work Environment

Most restaurant owners and managers know that one of the most valuable assets in a restaurant is the people that work there. For this reason, you’ll want to do what you can to create a healthy, clean, and safe work environment for your employees. When the waste from a grease trap sits around, it can become toxic. This buildup is bad for workers’ health, and repeated exposure can make people sick. Additionally, the buildup can have a very bad smell that will make your kitchen an unpleasant environment. To avoid these problems and promote a healthy and enjoyable work environment, stick to a regular grease trap pumping schedule.

2. Backup Prevention

When you allow your pumping schedule to lapse, grease will build up in your trap, leading to backups in your trap, your sink, and your plumbing. The waste collected in your grease trap will not decompose and will instead solidify, creating blockages that can be difficult to eliminate. These backups can lead to serious damage to your plumbing and sewage system that can cause big problems in your kitchen. In addition to the immediate problems, the repairs can be very expensive and can sometimes be so involved that your restaurant will need to shut down. To avoid problematic backups in your sewage system and plumbing, be sure to pump your restaurant grease trap regularly.

3. Regulation Compliance

It’s no secret that buildup in your grease trap can cause a lot of damage. This damage isn’t just bad for your business, but it can be very harmful to your town’s sewage system and the environment. Because this damage is so severe, there are legal regulations about maintenance and pumping. Regular service will ensure that your grease trap is always within these regulations. If you fail to service your grease trap regularly, you could face hefty fines as a result of violating these regulations.

4. Environmental Protection

Pumping your grease trap regularly will eliminate the possibility of grease and other harmful materials leaking into the ground, contaminating groundwater, and harming both plants and wildlife in your area. Because the waste stored in grease traps takes such a long time to break down, the leakage into the environment will cause lasting damage. Fortunately, this damage can be easily avoided through a regular grease trap pumping schedule. To protect the environment in your area, pump your grease trap regularly.


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