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3 Signs Your Restaurant Grease Trap Needs to be Cleaned

Posted by ADB Septic on October 25, 2018

restaurant greaseGrease trap maintenance is one of the most important (and frequently overlooked) aspects of keeping your restaurant kitchen up and running. Your grease trap handles all of the fats, greases, and oils that cooking food in your kitchen creates. When you wash dishes, that grease will collect in your grease trap. For this reason, you’ll need to empty out the grease trap regularly. If you’re wondering whether it’s time to clean out your grease trap, look for these three signs.

1. It’s More Than ¼ Full

For a few different reasons, you’re supposed to clean out your grease trap when it reaches ¼ full. Emptying your trap when it’s ¼ is an EPA rule to avoid any health and safety concerns. Additionally, once your grease trap becomes ¼ full, it can start to cause problems with the functioning of your kitchen, especially your sinks. For these reasons, if your grease trap is more than ¼ full, it’s time to clean it out.

2. Slow Drainage

If you’ve noticed water draining especially slow in your facility, your grease trap might be getting too full. Over time, fats, grease, and oils will solidify in your grease trap. When the trap is full of heavy grease, it is difficult for water to go through the drain. The result of this issue is a very slow-draining sink, indicating your grease trap should be cleaned out.

3. Bad Odor

If you’re noticing bad odors in your kitchen that aren’t coming from your garbage, you might have an overly full grease trap. As food waste, fats, oils, and grease all solidify and sit in your grease trap, they will begin to rot and smell. For this reason, it’s essential to remove fats, oils, and grease frequently to avoid allowing them to sit around. If you fail to regularly clean out your grease trap, you might end up with a very smelly kitchen.

How to Avoid These Problems

The easiest way to avoid slow drainage and bad odors in your kitchen is to clean out your grease trap regularly. When you use a grease trap cleaning company, you can come up with a schedule that they’ll stick to. They will come regularly on the scheduled date to clean out the trap and make sure that it never gets too full. To figure out the right pumping schedule, they’ll consider the size of the trap, the amount of food cooked in your kitchen, the greasiness of your food, and what your dish cleaning practices are like. With all of these considerations, your grease trap cleaning company will be able to work out a schedule that works for you and your kitchen.


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It's likely that you don't often think about your grease traps, which is more than understandable considering the other priorities involved with running a successful restaurant. That's why our team at ADB Septic is more than happy to take care of your grease trap cleaning for you. We offer a wide variety of services including regular pumping and service contracts, accurate record keeping and reporting, hi-pressure jetting, and 24-hour emergency service. Whatever your grease trap needs are, we can help!

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